How to choose the right wedding dress for you and where to find a great wedding dress deals?

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Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions because this is a piece of clothing that will be on your back not only all this beautiful day but also will remain in your memories and wedding photos. How to choose a wedding dress that is not only comfortable, beautiful, and meets your taste, but also suits and highlights the height of each of us, thus complementing the overall image?

kāzu kleitas
Wedding Dress by Zane Zaharova

Whether you have dreamed of your wedding dress since the age of 5 and know the exact details, styles and colors, or have never thought about it, we have compiled the main tips and tricks for choosing your wedding dress!

Finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful. After all, you may have never even measured it before, and it is the most expensive outfit that many women will ever own,

so you can definitely agree that shopping for wedding dresses can cause reasonable stress. Plus, a wedding dress sets the tone for the wedding as a whole, whether it’s a grand prom or a boho style dress. Also, looking at all the styles, it may seem that a new language has been invented that needs decipherments – tulle, A-line, organza, boho, and so on.

kāzu kleitas

With the attention of all guests throughout the day to you, not to mention the photos that you will keep forever, it is understandable that you want to look flawless! This term means something different to each of us. For some brides, the dream dress is a classic chunky dress reminiscent of a princess’s story, for others it can be a mermaid, or a fitting dress that perfectly accentuates the hips, or a boho style dress with a lot of tulle, allowing you to move freely and make you feel like a little fairy.

The choices can seem overwhelming and daunting. Regardless of your budget, personal taste or time schedule – these wedding dress shopping tips will definitely help you find the dream dress – what you will enjoy today, on the big day and also 30 years after the wedding looking back at your wedding photos.

Find out what wedding dress style you like

Whether it’s fashion magazines from which to cut out your dress favorites, online dress online stores, Instagram or Pinterest – reviews a wide variety of dress styles, cuts, textures and colors to understand which style, color and cut you like the most. Get inspiration from celebrity dresses, dresses of local manufacturers and designers, wedding dresses of friends and acquaintances and put together the common denominators of the final style you are looking for in your wedding dress.

What do all these dresses have in common – is it tulle, neckline, lace, bulk, open back or a specific fabric? Find these things that you like and keep in these dresses.

Be open to the unplanned

Wedding consultants mention that they often see women coming to a wedding dress salon with a certain idea of what they want, then they may not like their example and the specific style – instead, they can fit in and like something else on the spot. When buying a wedding dress, you are open to something new, because perhaps its real wedding dress stands somewhere right next to it, but slightly different from the original idea about it. As for the coincidences, read the story about how the bride Annija turned out to be looking for a wedding dress for her wedding abroad and how she unplanned found her real dream dress.

Wedding dresses budget

Wedding costs are a delicate topic, as is a wedding dress budget. It is a good idea to set an approximate dress budget from the beginning, precisely because you have determined the number to be included, so as not to overdo it. Of course, not everything always goes according to plan, and if its real and only dream dress turns out to be a little more expensive, you have to consider – maybe there are other places where you can save?

Know your wedding style before buying a wedding dress

It is very helpful to know and figure out a common celebration style before you start looking for a handmade wedding dress. Are the wedding planned in the style and mood of a garden party, or maybe you will celebrate in a more formal romantic atmosphere? When choosing a dress and dress style, it is important to consider the venue and the style of the venue in general.

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Wedding Dress Salons

Before you start visiting dress shops and bridal salons, research all the possible designers and bridal salons in your area. Make a list and then plan after you visit them. But you don’t want to spend time visiting shops that have dresses that don’t suit your taste or salons with bad reviews? Listen to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, read reviews on the Internet and visit wedding dress salons and designers whose dresses you not only like, but also have good reviews. You can find all wedding dress salons in the Laced in Love Wedding Catalog.

Wedding Dress Silhouette

The silhouette of your ideal wedding dress depends on your taste and style, the place of the celebration, and the one that best suits you and your body shape. Tight dresses are both modern and traditional and look great on a variety of figures. A large, classic chunky dress will give a dramatic mood, but may not be suitable for smaller brides. Mermaid dresses will perfectly highlight the hips, much like a pencil skirt.

Pay attention to the material of the dress

In addition to the silhouette, color and details, the fabric also greatly affects how the dress will look on the body. Heavier, more structured material (such as silk, taffeta or guipure lace) will retain its shape and even out your figure. Unstructured silk and film chiffon are less flattering for those brides with more pronounced figures.

Remember High Heels

Once the style, color and dream dress are visualized, it’s time to go to wedding dress salons to measure them! You will find it very useful to wear high-heeled toes of a similar height to those you plan to wear on your holiday, because the overall look of the dress will be completely different than it would be if the dress were measured in boots or slippers! By providing and measuring the dress with high-heeled shoes, you will have a better view of what the dress will look like on the wedding day.

Wedding Dress Rent

If you do not plan to keep the wedding dress as a part of the holiday, it is useful to consider renting a wedding dress. Such a decision can significantly save the wedding budget. You can find wedding dress rental offers here!

Wedding Dress Prices

It is known that wedding dresses are not a cheap pleasure and their prices range from a few hundred euros to thousands. Our recommendation-

Wedding salons tend to hold sample sales, in which wedding dresses can be purchased at a significant discount.

Attend this sale – maybe in one of them look at your dream wedding dress! In these outlets, designers most often try to sell out existing collections to make room for new ones. Buying a wedding dress with a 30-50% discount is a great option and this difference in the price of the wedding dress will allow you to divert the saved wedding budget to other wedding items or a honeymoon trip!

Find all wedding dress salons, wedding dress designers and dress rental options in the Laced in Love Wedding Vendors Deirectory!



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