Wedding Dress Trends for 2020. Best Tips from Aija Nagle & “6. Septembris”

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2019 has been bright with its own trends. Will this 2020 be different? Trends and fashion are changing slowly so it’s time to look back and summarize the 2019 wedding fashion trends. Wedding dress trends and their fashion depends on various factors. Wedding dresses, their trends and fashion are best known by professionals, or people who work in the industry every day, so read on to find out what wedding dress fashion is in 2020!

aija nagle

Last season I noticed several dominant elements among the wedding dresses chosen in the salon “6. Septembris”, says salon owner Aija Nagle.

“If the trends of the previous season had to be described in two words, they would be – luxury and naturalness.

What was the wedding fashion like in 2019?

Aija mentions that in 2019, three details or styles were dominant in wedding dress fashion – beige shades, lace, and bohemian style.

Beige shades

In 2019, our brides chose the most light and airy dresses in various shades of beige. A flesh-colored dress creates a natural and calm image that makes the bride feel comfortable. It highlights the beauty of facial features, as well as allows you to create bright accents using accessories. For this reason, the color beige is so popular both among well-known designers and their admirers, and among women who do not follow fashion trends, but are endowed with good taste.

6. Septembris kāzu kleitas


Wedding salon “6. Septembris”  brides in 2019 often chose outfits made of lace, which not only look sophisticated and easily draped, highlighting the beauty of a woman’s figure, but also successfully combined with other materials. That is why, year after year, the collections of designers Katya Katya and Modeca include luxurious wedding dresses with lace sleeves, various lace elements, as well as wedding dresses made entirely of this gorgeous material. One of the brightest trends of 2019 is Chantilly lace, which is embroidered with silk thread in the form of fine flowers and is pleasantly soft. The dress from these laces looks indescribably elegant.

Bohemian style wedding dresses

This style of clothing suits everyone, regardless of body composition, height or age. The bohemian style is chosen by brides, who prefer comfort and freedom instead of glamor. It makes you look glamorous and feel comfortable. The bohemian style is attractive with its lightness. Such dresses look especially good in unusual wedding venues – by the sea, in an ancient castle or in the garden.

Changes in wedding fashion from season to season are relatively slow.

Trends such as embroidered fabrics and chunky skirts are always in demand. Wedding fashion trends are similar to those that can be seen in traditional fashion weeks, which reflect the current events in our lives. Unlike ready-to-wear fashion, wedding images are always brighter and closer to the fantasy world.

Wedding Dresses Trends for 2020.

Despite the fact that some of last season’s wedding fashion trends are still relevant and have even become classics, such as long, transparent sleeves and three-dimensional floral embroidery, in 2020 several new trends will appear. Modeca and Katya Katya’s 2020 collections are dominated by shine, deep neckline and bohemian chic.


One of the basic trends in wedding dresses in 2020 is shine and glitter. The brilliant effect can be achieved in various ways – using beads, stones, crystals, sequins, etc. elements that are placed on the wedding dress. It is desirable to choose a simple and elegant silhouette of a wedding dress, complementing the image with minimal and restrained accessories. Such a wedding dress can turn the bride into a real star you want to watch for hours.

Deep neckline and transparency

A deep V-neckline is still in vogue. Many wedding designers use an invisible fabric mesh to create a V-neckline up to the waistline, creating a particularly sensual image. Transparency has also fascinated wedding fashion. Le Papillon by Modeca and Randy Fenoli Bridal collections already see the so-called “naked” dresses, but this year corsets and transparent tops can be found in the collections of almost all designers. Also, pay attention to the sets, which consist of a skirt made of plain silk or mikado silk and transparent, embroidered bodysuits – you will be able to wear such a bodysuit after the wedding.

Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic dresses are comfortable and gorgeous – bushy, multi-layered skirts, Swarovski crystals, embroidery, lace, soft tones and ruffles. There will be both luxurious capes and fine scarves. This style perfectly reflects a woman’s romance, dreaminess and pursuit of love. This season, wedding dresses will be relevant not only in ivory, but also in sand tones. We always recommend choosing the wedding dress of your dreams according to your personal tastes and feelings.

Listen to what your heart is saying – it can help you make the right decision.

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