Wedding celebrations and marriage registration during the Covid-19 crisis

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Taking into account the situation with Covid-19 in Latvia, when events involving more than 50 people are banned until April 14, marriage ceremonies and wedding celebrations in the country are also affected. What to do if it is planned to celebrate a wedding this year and possibly even very soon – to cancel, move or reschedule, celebrate the wedding a little differently than planned? Read on and get tips for celebrating your wedding during the viral crisis.

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Marriage registration in Latvian Registry Offices during the Covid-19

Due to the restriction of the spread of the virus and the state of emergency in the country, the Cabinet of Ministers is entitled to restrict the rights of state administration and local government institutions and legal persons, as well as to impose additional obligations on them. This also affects the Registry Offices, where customer service is provided both remotely and marriages can only be registered in the presence of witnesses and without guests.

Marriage registration and related issues are a particularly hot topic at the time, as confirmed by Inese Bumbiere-Kaže, head of the Northern Registry Office, who said that people are calling to see if a wedding can take place at all and what restrictions apply to both the ceremony and celebration.

Given that, on average, 20-140 guests take part in a wedding celebration, it should be considered whether celebrating this holiday will feel peaceful, given the state of emergency in the country. We recommend that you follow the latest information on the mentioned websites – Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), Ministry of Health, Government Order declaring an emergency, etc. national websites.

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Photo: Billijs Locs

Wedding celebration

Probably one of the main reasons a young couple may consider a wedding cancellation or transfer is a wedding guests.

For the most part, we plan to invite not only parents, but also close and distant relatives and friends to the wedding. In this case, you need to think about both your own safety and the safety of your guests, because there are definitely older people among the guests. If the wedding is planned for more than 50 people, it may be worthwhile not to cancel or postpone it, but to change the wedding format, for example, by getting married to the closest and holding a wedding party with a party when the situation in the country is canceled.

Another option that has gained popularity elsewhere in the world is the so-called marriage, or Elopment, which is a much more intimate and personal event for newlyweds, as only the young couple and presenters participate. Such a wedding celebration will be much calmer and more intimate, allowing you to enjoy this special life event for two.

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Do you postpone the wedding?

If your wedding is planned only after a few months – we recommend that you wait, because you can cancel it at any time, even a week before the planned date. It is not clear about the situation in the country and how long it will be – just as well, it can change unexpectedly, because it is not in anyone’s country to ban all measures for a long time.

Do you postpone the wedding to next year?

Be sure to take into account all the costs you have incurred, as service providers are also affected by the crisis situation and the advance payments that have been made may be lost, so think about how the situation can be adapted to the current situation in the country so that the wedding does not have to be postponed.

If, however, the situation in your family and circle of friends is still uncertain, we recommend that you contact the venue and service providers to find out if it is possible to postpone the date to a slightly later time, such as autumn or a little further next year. Given the situation, people are responsive and understanding, so be sure to try to negotiate an option that is mutually beneficial and satisfying.

K.K. Fon Stricka Villa

Celebrate, but adapted to the situation

The Laced in Love wedding blog recommends not to cancel but to celebrate the weddings in a different format and change the wedding planning course. If it was not intended, the wedding is best celebrated in the fresh air and in nature, in the immediate circle, ensuring that all invited guests and providers are healthy and in good health. Weddings in nature, weddings by the sea and unusual places will be something completely unique, allowing you to escape from worries and everything around you!

There are also advantages in the current situation – significant savings in the wedding budget.

However, when planning to celebrate a wedding during the Covid-19 crisis and with all safety precautions, you can arrange correspondence at the registry office and celebrate only in the immediate circle, thus significantly saving the wedding budget, as only a make-up master, hairdresser, costumes, beautiful ceremony and wedding scenery, ceremony speaker and photographer / videographer.

Given the history of viruses in the world (an interesting and informative article on the subject) – all of them have survived! Covid-19 will also be experienced and we will get over it, but it will undoubtedly have an impact because precautions will definitely have to be taken after that. Restricting isolation from society and celebrations of life will not do anyone any good, but we must remember to take all precautionary measures and strengthen immunity, as well as to keep up-to-date with the latest data and information from the public services.



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