10 Songs for Your Father and Daughter Wedding Dance

While your first dance may be a magical moment on your wedding day, the father and daughter dance is a sure tear- jerker and the song should be given some serious consideration. The options are endless, but fear not because we have selected our top ten farther and daughter dance songs. Grab the tissues…you’re going to need them! 

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

This song is so beautiful and really captures the love of a father. There won’t be a dry eye in the room with this song. 

My Girl by The Temptations

Sometimes choosing a song that gets everyone smiling and singing along is a good choice and that is why the classic “My Girl” is a beautiful choice.

Sweet Child O’ Mine (Acoustic) by Capolinia 24

Admit it…we all love when this tune comes on and there isn’t anyone on earth that doesn’t know how to jam this one out. This acoustic version is beautiful for a father and daughter dance and is sure to have your guests in awe!

When you need me by Bruce Springstein

We all love a bit of Bruce and this song has stunning lyrics which are perfect for a father and daughter dance. It’s no surprise that this song is on almost all lists of all -time favourites for the father/daughter dance at weddings. 

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross

It’s all in the title! This is a classic and is a traditional favourite for the father and daughter dance! The lyrics are beautiful and the instrumental parts are stunning. A real winner! 

I loved her first by Heartland

If you chose this song be sure to have tissues handy! This song really tugs at the heart strings! The lyrics are so perfect for a father and daughter dance. 

Daddy’s Angel by Anthony Carter

For all daddy’s girls out there…this song deserves a listen. It is a stunning lyrical and again, like most of these songs, the bride will need super strong water-proof mascara!!

Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

This makes its way onto almost all recommendation lists when it comes to the perfect song for the father and daughter dance and it’s no surprise why! 

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw 

Again, this is a classic favourite and it is a beautiful song for you and your father to dance too. The lyrics are so emotive and relevant to a father’s love for their little girl. 

You’ve got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

This is a bit different to most, but the Toystory classic is beautiful. The words relate to a father and daughter relationship and it is fun, quirky and unpredictable. Also, is there a film you and your dad used to watch over and over again when you were a child? It’s worth looking at the soundtracks and making your dance with your father special because you have memories of that song! 

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