One Place Wedding – What It Is & Is It For You?

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In the process of wedding planning, wedding planners may have a question – to celebrate the wedding at the place of the celebration and hold a wedding ceremony there, even or still to divide these parts of the celebration and find a separate place for each of them.

Balticwedding Expo TV team shares the best recommendations and highlights the key benefits that await you if you choose to celebrate a wedding party even where you are holding the ceremony.

kāzu svinības un kāzu ceremonija

One place wedding

Nowadays, you have a wonderful opportunity to spend your wedding day without a hurry, as long as you choose the appropriate wedding celebration model – One place wedding.

At once we want to mention who this wedding model will not be suitable – if you have always had one of these dreams – a wedding by the sea in warm countries, or if you prefer a traditional wedding ceremony in the church, then it is better to choose a standard option, where the wedding venue is separate from the wedding ceremony places. The Balticwedding team also reminds you that, in any case, the choice must be made by you, because the wedding day is for you – the young couple!

kāzas pie jūras, kāzu svinības un kāzu ceremonija

Pros and benefits of celebrating a wedding in one place

  • You will not have to worry about logistics. When organizing a wedding celebration in one place with the wedding ceremony, you will not have to think about who, how and with whom will go to the wedding ceremony, how the guests will go to the location of the wedding ceremony. Also, you will not have to plan a detailed wedding day plan with addresses and maps, as the whole wedding event will take place in one place.
  • Peaceful wedding morning. This is definitely one thing that can make the bride’s mood on this important and beautiful day of life much calmer. In the variant, when everything takes place in one location, the bride has the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful breakfast in the morning with her mom or girlfriends, meet her make-up artist and hairdresser, and enjoy her wedding morning, because again, you don’t have to run anywhere and nothing can be missed!
  • You will not have to leave guests alone for a long time. It is so convenient for both you and the wedding guests, because usually the wedding guests have already settled into their rooms and after the wedding ceremony they can leisurely and calmly enjoy wedding snacks, visit their rooms, enjoy nature, decor, take pictures, but in the meantime, you have time for your wedding photo and video session. Wedding guests feel comfortable because they do not have to drive, park, or think about how to hinder their free time. Usually, for the young couple, an hour and a half long photo and video session are enough, and often it takes place near the wedding venue. After the wedding photo session, the couple has the opportunity to visit their room to breathe or dress up.
  • Decorations. We ranked the wedding decorations at the advantages because celebrating a wedding in one place, it is so convenient not to lead anywhere, to transfer the decorations from the place of the wedding ceremony to the banquet hall. Plus, after the wedding ceremony, you won’t have to think about which car and how to take the flowers and gifts given during the holiday, because the service staff will do everything there, even on the spot. Often, party venues allow you to use their furniture as wedding decorations. This is very convenient and useful, for example, when arranging a place for guests to relax or take pictures! This option will also make it easier for wedding decorators. There are also party venues where the decoration service is already included in the price and young couples do not have to worry about wedding decorations in this case.
  • Wedding photos and videos. When choosing a wedding celebration and ceremony to celebrate in the same place, you will only be the winners, because the one place wedding concept allows photo and video masters to film and capture SO MUCH! It is a great opportunity for wedding professionals to capture the whole process of preparation, the arrival and pampering of guests in an informal atmosphere, jokes and also lovely meeting moments. Being in one place, artists have the opportunity to be everywhere, capturing the magic of the day and most definitely – they are the most beautiful memories!

These are just some of the pros provided by the one place wedding concept, more useful information will be found out by watching the Balticwedding wedding youtube channel video:

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