30 Unique and Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Get inspired by these non-traditional wedding bouquet ideas! Personalize your wedding bouquet with one of these modern twists on the classic flower arrangement.

Your wedding ceremony honors your special, one-of-a-kind relationship because there’s no love out there quite like yours. Spread that attitude throughout your wedding décor, from the venue to the vows and everything in between. And while you’re mixing personality and personal taste into every aspect of your wedding day, don’t forget the special detail closest to your heart. Being part of the age-old wedding tradition of carrying a bouquet doesn’t mean you can’t put your own personal spin when choosing the flower arrangements. Anything from selecting sentimental blossoms to adding unexpected components (like feathers, succulents or interesting fabric elements) can revamp your bouquet and turn it into something very special and one of a kind.  But ultimately, and most importantly, it should also be incredibly you. So step outside the box and feel free to get creative when designing your bridal bouquet. Different colors, forms, and blooms are all it takes to bring an average arrangement to extraordinary. 

Get inspiration from your own wedding theme, wedding venue or color palette you want to bring your bouquet to life! Whether you’re nontraditional or just seeking something new and different for your flower arrangement, these wedding bouquet ideas from real weddings is sure to inspire.

Vintage Feathers

Mixing a few non-floral materials like ostrich feathers can give the wedding bouquet a whole new shape and give a chic Great Gatsby style to your wedding blooms.

Natural Texture and Succulents in your Wedding Bouquet

A wild-looking bouquet loaded with different textures means there are unlimited details to catch your guests’ eyes as you walk down the aisle. Sturdy succulents can replace more delicate blooms and make wedding flowers pop even more!

Dried Lavender

A bouquet made of dried flowers like lavender, small daisies and grasses can give a charming finish to any rustic arrangement.

Horizontal Wedding Bouquet

Lots of Greenery and Wildflowers in Your Bouquet

If blossoms aren’t your thing, opt for a composition of greenery instead.

Ribbon Roses With Brooches

A bridal bouquet made from ribbon and jewelry or brooches means it’ll last forever without any preservation.

Rustic Details in your Bridal Bouquet

Dried vines and branches or seed pods can give a unique and rustic vibe, as well as make your wedding bouquet even more romantic flower arrangement.

Colorful Ribbon Wrap

A bouquet made with a simple stem can still make a statement, especially with a colorful ribbon wrap. 

Pink and White Fabric

A faux-flower bouquet made with different types of fabrics adds depth and different textures to the arrangement, making it look more similar to a real flower bouquet. 

Statement Airplant in Your Bouquet

What could be more unique (or sustainable) than a simple plant that survives solely on air and needs nothing else? If that sounds great, try for example tillandsia. Give your bouquet an unusual detail like a huge air plant—it looks stylish and whimsical at the same time. Take as an example this beautiful air plant bouquets using king protea and tillandsia.

Lots of Greenery and Ferns

Balanced parts greenery to blossoms are a great way to save on flower expenses as it means there are fewer stems. Untamed greenery in the flower arrangement can be a gorgeous backdrop to any beautiful flowers you chose for your bouquet. Ferns can definitely add a lovely and organic shape to your bouquet. ​

Calla Lily Pagent Bouquet

Depending on which flowers you choose for your bouquet, a tall pageant bouquet shape might be better fitting than a classic round bouquet.

Comic Book Wedding Bouquet for the Alternative Bride

Another awesome paper flower idea! Comic books pages—they’re full of bright and fun colors that will also bring attention to your statement bouquet!

Berry Wedding Bouquet

Green and White Wedding Bouquet

Garden Variety in your Flowers

A variety of flowers such as peonies, roses, wild grasses, passionflower vine, viburnum berries, and nigella can also make up an interesting arrangement for your wedding day.

Asymmetrical Wedding Bouquet

Vibrant Wedding Bouquet

Bring some sunshine with you on your special day wherever you go with an all-yellow collection of poppies, roses, and other colorful flowers!

Monochromatic Wedding Bouquet

This beautiful and minimalistic bouquet proves a single shade is as easy as it is trendy. Perfect idea for contemporary couples.

White Wedding Bouquet

White bouquets are perfect in any season! Classic, clean and beautiful! So many flowers to choose from when designing your perfect wedding arrangement in white!

Astilbes Wedding Bouquet

A stunning single-flower bouquet of creamy and bright astilbes has a super-soft textural warmth, making your flower arrangement simple and beautiful. Interesting fact- astilbes were also in Meghan’s Markle’s wedding bouquet! Get inspired by our picks:

Leafy Wedding Flowers

Waxy and large greenery with local blossoms combines for a fresh and summertime vibe. Large green leaves are beautiful and can give a tropical vibe to your flower arrangement!

Big-Bloomed Wedding Bouquet

A huge and dramatic bloom takes everyone’s attention, and especially when surrounded by an equally eye-catching backdrop. Maybe large blossoms are for you as well?

Wild Wedding Bouquet

Golden grasses add farm-ready texture to peonies, roses and bay leaves is something that can make up your wild wedding bouquet.

Island Wedding Bouquet

Calla lily can make any arrangement special, meshing green and white for a bouquet will definitely give you that tropical look.

Vintage-Style Wedding Bouquet

Garden roses, warm colors, bunny tails, large warm-colored leaves for your vintage-styled flower arrangement.

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Nosegays of fir, wild pine elements, cedar, aspen twigs, and berries are combined in houndstooth wool for a wintery alternative to a traditional bouquet. If you plan a winter wedding, maybe this is something for you? It definitely is unique and beautiful!

Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

Dried flowers in the wedding bouquet give that rustic wedding feeling. The rustic bouquet can include dried white tea tree, larkspur, ammobiums, lavender, as well as fresh gardenias and other dried elements.

Fall Wedding Bouquet

Fall asks for bright and warm colors. These wedding flower arrangements seem perfect for a fall wedding. Find more moody fall wedding bouquet ideas here.



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  • Heather Mooney
    17/01/2020 at 06:23

    Hi! I loved all the bouquets. Personally, I like a dried lavender bouquet. It looks too much attractive & beautiful. If you have more varieties please share.


  • prowedding
    19/01/2020 at 02:40

    Compared to the bouquet in the article, I prefer the sunflower theme

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