35 Moody Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

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“Moody” has become pervasive in the wedding industry this year as the patterns have moved from energetic shading palettes with everything in its place to darker tones and an affinity for the imperfect. Above all the other wedding decor, moody wedding bouquets are often the statement piece that sets the theme of the wedding mood. Brides are loving the wild, natural wedding bouquets dribbling with greenery and punctuated with dark flowers and gem tones, so we gathered together a couple of our favourite wedding bouquets that are moody enought for the fall to get your wedding inspiration flowing!

Wedding Flowers

Rich tones, unique flower jars, and startling decorations are just a few of the hot trends in fall wedding bouquets!

Picking flowers for spring and summer weddings is an easy decision: There are tons of varieties in season, and any sweet pastel or warm and bright color scheme feels proper. In any case, on the off chance that you need wedding flowers that reflect the fall season in a chic and charming manner, it’s a little more challenging. We’ve quizzed some of our favorite florists and event designers on the latest trends in fall flowers. The uplifting news: Your choices in the fall are as stunning and a la mode as ever.

Go Green

We think we can all agree that greenery at weddings isn’t going away anytime soon. While it started as a trend some time ago, greenery has now become a staple for weddings of all kinds and in any time of the year, whether it’s used in garland form, as a wedding bouquet accent, or to decorate a wedding cake. Green is one of the fall colors as well! Dark and juicy green is a perfect start for your wedding bouquet color scheme, as other fall colors will pop out even more! No matter if the other colors you chose are white, dark red, orange or more spicy ones!

Textured Wedding Flowers

The most blazing pattern in fall wedding flowers is lush, richly hued arrangements with lots of interesting texture. Rather than utilizing only a few kinds of blooms in your centerpieces, try a wide blend of flowers composed with your color scheme. For instance, you could begin with a base of exemplary blossoms and blend in feathery crocosmia and velvety coxcomb. Or on the other hand you could include non-botanical accents, for example, viburnum or hypericum berries, lotus cases, fiddlehead greeneries, or wooly sheep’s ear leaves to make the arrangements more wonderful. For a distinctly fall touch, poppies with dark centers will add visual profundity and a dramatic element that announces that summer is over.

Sunset hues.

Warm and lush colors. You can’t go wrong with warm tones like red, yellow, and orange — this golden hour-inspired palette is a no-brainer for fall wedding bouquets. These colors will definitely give you that moody fall wedding mood!

Seasonal & Local Flowers

Seasonal flowers are also on our radar as one of the greatest wedding flower trends. By using in-season blossoms, particularly those that are grown locally to your wedding venue, you can cut down fundamentally on cost and unnecessary waste. Besides, seasonal blossoms will never look out of place on your big day! Fortunately, the absolute most well known wedding blooms, including calla lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, and roses, are effectively accessible all year. Other fave flowers, for example, peonies, anemones, and ranunculus can be more hard to source depending on the season. Foraged plants, wildflowers, and backyard-inspired blooms (flowers you’d find in your mom’s garden, like clematis, lilacs, and irises) are always to incorporate a bit of local flair into your floral arrangements.

Pop of yellow – This cheerful color is one of our favorite tones at the moment. Give your bouquet a burst of energy and sunshine by adding warm marigold yellow flowers, like the chrysanthemums and roses seen in this photo!

Earthy neutrals

This neutral arrangement is far from boring — the combo of succulents, greenery, dried accents, eucalyptus, and fresh roses give it plenty of texture and dimension making it a beautiful and autumnal wedding bouquet.

Ombré effect in your bouquet

Combine dark and light flowers into one bouquet by using a simple ombré effect. Look closely and you’ll see how the lightest flowers are clustered to the right — with a pop of blue delphinium for good measure — while the darker blooms are on the left. This elegant arrangement proves that not every bouquet has to be symmetrical and it can be perfect in it’s own way!



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