The Ultimate Guide To Writing a Maid of Honor Speech

A maid of honor’s duties begin long before the wedding day and often end at the big table in front of the bride and groom’s nearest and dearest. Planning the perfect bachelorette and finding dresses may seem like the hard part, but for some getting in front of a crowd and saying a few words can cause great anxiety.

Why have you been chosen?

Weddings are important for spending time with friends and family. If you have been chosen to be a maid of honor, it means you are not just a family member or friend you are the chosen one. You will have known the bride for a long time, knew just what she was thinking before she thought it and are the first person to hear her news long before anyone else.

What makes a good speech?

Speeches that are funny, appropriate and heart warming are not easily composed. They take practice and often begin with a pen and paper in a quiet room, weeks before the wedding.

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Struggling for stories?

It is important to remember that there are lots of other people with great stories about the bride and the groom and they are more than willing to share them. So when you get stuck for ideas, surround yourself with those who know the couple and the memories and fun & inspiring stories will soon flow.

Some things are best left unsaid

There is a fine line between funny stories and laughing at the expense of the couple. You might think it is hilarious to make fun of the brides ex-boyfriend but people won’t find it funny. Not to mention, he might be sitting in front of you at the wedding! If you reminisce on a past engagement or break up story in your speech, the bride and her family won’t be too impressed either. 

Raise a glass and drink it slow

The champagne is flowing and you’re having a great time, however, it’s best to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum before you make your speech. Alcohol may help take the edge off of giving a speech in front of hundreds of people, but a drunk maid of honor is never attractive. If you get totally wasted before you speak, who knows what might come out of your mouth. There is plenty of time to hit the bar after your amazing speech is finished. Who knows if it’s of Oscar winning standards you might end up with free drink for the remainder of the night!

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