Wedding planning – why is teamwork and finding the right wedding vendors so important?

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The wedding planning process is often associated with stress and haste, but it should be approached calmly and conscientiously. Starting the wedding planning on time, this process can also be enjoyable and joyful! Wedding planning is not just about adventure and fun, looking for decorations, dresses and planning wedding entertainment – it is a very important event, because during this time you need to find and choose your wedding team – service providers and people who will be next door almost all day, such as , a wedding photographer, or service providers, whose successful and diligent work done with love will complement and allow you to enjoy your wedding day even better!

The beginning of wedding planning – finding your wedding team

When it comes to finding a wedding team, often the first person that comes to mind is the wedding photographer, because he is the professional whose work will make a beautiful wedding day eternal – capturing small moments, smiles and details in photos. Very often the wedding photographer offers a trial or pre-wedding photo session before the wedding day, where the young couple and the photographer can then spend this time in a photo session, getting to know each other better and finding common ground, because on the wedding day, the wedding photographer is one of the people Therefore, being “on one wave” is very important. In this article, we share the advice of photographer Krista Masaļska in finding her real wedding team. Krista shares the wedding story of Arthur and Patricia and the joint pre-wedding photo session.

Pre-wedding stylized photo session team:
Couple - Artūrs un Patrīcija
Wedding Dresses - Amelii
Wedding Phoographer - Krista Masaļska
Florals and decorations - Santa Kļava 
Style, Make-up and hair - Vendija Egle 
Get ready location - Villa Rumba, Kuldīgā 
Wedding Cake - Mazliet Elegances 
Accessories - Handmade by Liga Gaile 

Wedding day team:
Couple - Artūrs un Patrīcija
Wedding Photographer - Krista Masaļska
Style, make-up and hair - Vendija Egle 
Floral and decorations - Rūta Sovinska
Ceremony Venue - Villa Medem, Jelgavā 
Wedding Venue - Zoltners

Idea and purpose of the pre-wedding photo session

How did the idea for the photo session come? Krista mentions that the author of the idea of the photo session is herself and its theme was – creating a foreign “elopement” wedding feeling here – in Latvia.

I wanted to implement a photo session that looks different than usual at a Latvian wedding – I may be unconsciously striving for the feelings of Italy – a blue lake in the mountains, narrow cobbled streets, warm sunset colors. Thus, I wanted to show that even here it is possible to find locations and decorations that look unusual and, of course, very beautiful.

We used palm leaves and orange flowers in the decorations, and I chose Lake Lāčkrogs as the main location of the photo session, the water of which is unusually blue in color here. The photo session took place in Kuldiga and its surroundings.

Such photo shoots are usually planned to implement ideas that so often do not happen to see in a “real” wedding. I plan this as an opportunity to inspire couples who are still planning their wedding.

Photoshoot team and finding the right team members

Krista mentions that since she herself comes from Kuldiga, she wanted to complete the team, mainly with other representatives of the wedding industry, who are also from Kuldiga. It is important that the style feelings and vision of all parties involved are similar, Santa and Wendy Christ knew in advance and fully trusted their vision. Wedding dresses were chosen directly from Amelii because it was important that they were designed and sewn in Latvia, and, no less important, that the dress designs created by Ieva Ruka perfectly matched the photographer’s dream vision.

Krista – In my opinion, team work is very, very important in such photo sessions – all involved must be “on one wave”, as mostly such projects are created as a joint work, where everyone invests their time and resources, then it is important that all participants can implement their creative intentions and are pleased with the work done.

Wedding team – why it is important to find your people in the wedding planning process

About teamwork at the wedding – the main thing on the wedding day is a couple, and the most important thing we as a team have to do is help them feel comfortable and happy, our job is to make their day as beautiful and beautiful as possible. Ideally, this is the main goal of all those involved, and in parallel, we try to highlight each other’s work to the maximum.

Decorator Santa Kļava mentions that the decorations at the party are fundamental. Why? Because they create their magical and festive wedding feeling. The feeling that the young couple dreamed of, the feeling that “Yes!” makes it even more beautiful. They open new horizons for any place that is dressed up for a wedding – whether it’s a barn or a greenhouse, or just being under a tree – where there are flowers, the feeling is completely different. That’s why visual design is so important – it’s its magic, and when the photographer captures it, it stays eternal, it’s moments to remember.

Let’s be honest – the people between the flowers, the decorations, and the candlelight room look adorable, the smiles are wider and the hormone of happiness grows! Yes- the decorations are fundamental “

krista masaļska kāzu fotogrāfs

Wedding Photographer & Wedding Planning Process

Krista, who has been calling wedding photography herself for several years, mentions that the photographer is a member of the wedding team, who usually spends the longest time with the couple – often from the morning to midnight.

Basically, we spend the whole day together! Therefore, it is very important that our personalities are harmonious, and therefore – the vision of the celebration and the decorations/photo session is similar.

Most often, the couple (mostly the bride) has a specific vision – what style of photos they like, whether they radiate elegance, joy, freedom, emotions. It is usually roughly clear which treatment technique seems best. Ideally, the couple chooses a photographer based on whether the wedding photographer’s portfolio reflects that aesthetic and feeling. If the wedding photographer’s approach to work matches the couple’s vision, then the couple will probably like the wedding gallery as a result.
Continuing the same theme – sometimes couples choose their wedding photographer for some other reason, often it is the price, or maybe the recommendations of relatives and friends.

I would advise the couple to always make sure that they really like the photographer’s style if they choose a photographer with the hope that he / she will photograph in a different style than his / her portfolio – I can safely say that the resulting pictures will not bring the satisfaction. If the choice is mainly determined by the price – I recommend hiring your ideal photographer for a couple of hours, such as a ceremony and a short photo session.

The couple’s recommendations – wedding planning and the importance of finding the right people

Patricia and Arthur, who were a couple for both the stylized wedding photo session and for their wedding, chose Christ as their wedding photographer, and why it is important to find the right wedding professionals –

In preparation for our wedding day, our main goal was certainly not to find professionals, but people who love what they do and do it with the greatest zeal and enthusiasm, putting their heart and talent in it.

In our case, we managed to find both photographers (and I will not end up recommending them to couples approaching the big day), make-up artists / stylists, florists and musicians. And it definitely made this day even more beautiful and enjoyable for us.

krista masaļska kāzu fotogrāfs

We decided to celebrate the wedding after 09 years together on 09.09. My husband and I already laughed that this wedding day was so full of emotions that the heat record was historically broken on this date.

We celebrated the wedding in the circle of our loved ones, just as we had dreamed of it – in our case, it made this day more emotional and personal. The ceremony took place at Villa Medem, a celebration in Zoltner. It is typical for both of us to postpone everything to the last minute, so we also left the wedding planning process to the last minute.

Tip for young couples – above all, remember that this is YOUR day. Celebrate yourself, enjoy both the planning process and, of course, the wedding itself.

This is a celebration of love for both of you!

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