Destination Wedding in Portugal – Annija’s & Davis’s Wild Wedding Adventure

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Destination Wedding Location - Montserrate Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Wedding Photographers - Kristiāna Zelča
Wedding Photographer in Portugal - Diāna Veinberga
Wedding Dress -  Rara Avis , Myosotis
Wedding Bouquet - Magnolijas Zieds
Wedding Cake - Kapok Cakery
Hairstylist- Diāna Siliņa, Grieze
Make-up - Baiba Frohlich, Pūdernīca

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular among young couples. Europe is full of destination wedding locations, you just have to choose a country and scenery closest to your dream wedding! Destination Wedding in Portugal? Beautiful Latvian couples Annija & Davis choose this magnificent country for their destination wedding adventure and shares their tips when choosing something more non-traditional for your wedding! This story is about a couple who are passionate travelers and destination wedding in Europe is their kind of wedding story!

kāas ārzemēs kāzas portugālē

Annija & Davis are big travelers. Traveling is their passion and since they know each other- which is since school, they have traveled many countries together – United Kingdom, Estonia, Serbia, Vatican, Italy, San Marino, Germany, Hungary. Thailand, twice in France – Davis proposed Annija there as well, and twice in Portugal, where they also celebrated their destination wedding story.

Why Destination Wedding in Portugal?

A wedding abroad was the first idea after the proposal. We both love traveling and destination wedding just seemed the right thing for us.

We knew that we want the wedding to be about us two.

After some discussion, we decided to celebrate our big day as an adventure! We spent several months looking for the place to get married and say the word “YES!”. We both wanted the place to be green, a little bit wild, with beautiful scenery, near sea and rocks! We had a vision, but couldn’t find the place in Google Maps. One moment we thought that the world is too small for our wishes… Till one day, when Annija was browsing Pinterest and saw the place – Montserrate Palace gardens and the castle ruins. I fell in love and just knew that this is the place we are looking for!

A celebration both in Latvia and Portugal

As getting all of our guests to Portugal would be quite expensive, Annija & Davis had a celebration in Latvia. They invited their families and friends to celebrate their love.

Praia da Ursa, Lisbon

This wasn’t the first time in Portugal for both of them, however, it was the first time in Sintra. They had a reservation for a couple of rooms in a beautiful place, which was great, because they had a chance to be near their wedding photographers in Portugal and get to know them better by spending some great time, drinking wine and having conversations. They add, that having this time together and getting to know their wedding photographers in Portugal helped them feel more relaxed and feel less stressed n their wedding photoshoot.

Planning a Destination Wedding – Portugal in May

Annija & Davis had their destination wedding in Portugal in May – Annija says that she thought it will be warm, but it wasn’t. The wind was cold, especially near the sea, there was massive humidity as well. 

Pena Castle in Portugal
Praia da Ursa

Destination Wedding in Portugal – Photoshoot Locations

Photoshoot Locations where they had their destination wedding photos taken in Portugal – Montserrate Palace and Gardens, Praia da Ursa Beach, Praia da Adraga Beach – to get to this beach you will need to climb some rocks. There were also some beautiful places in between which we visited when driving to our photoshoot locations. Pen Castle was a beautiful location as well.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Portugal – some tips and ideas

  • This day is about you two – not your family or friends – you two have to enjoy it the most!
  • Each decides 3 things that are important for each of you at the wedding. Discuss them and plan the wedding according to them – this way you will have less stress and misunderstandings.
  • A wedding dress is very important – you don’t want to make a mistake buying Mermaid dress and then understand that it will be impossible to climb rocks with it to get to your photo shoot location.
  • You have to do research about the destination wedding location – how much costs the entrance in different locations (it costs 150 euros in Sintra to have photoshoot in some locations), how much costs ceremony ( this can be quite pricey), you have to think about car rent, what you will have to take with you in your suitcase (hair spray, for example, in humidity like Annija & Davis had), who will help with your make-up, hairstyle, etc.
  • Better make reservations on time, than later – you will have less stress.
  • Comfortable Shoes!
  • Plan B. There were several situations when things didn’t go according to plan – weather, a lot of tourists, etc. Sometimes you just have to be creative and plan at the moment.
  • Communication. We had a deal with our destination wedding photographers – right at the moment when we feel a little bit, not in the mood – we take a pause. It might seem to pose and be photographed, but on the first day we understood that it is not easy to climb everywhere and walk so much. Wedding Photoshoot is art made together with the photographer and the couple. Communication is very important.
  • Love. You have a wedding once, enjoy this process – both the wedding dresses, wedding bouquets, destination wedding locations and everything else!

You are going to have one of the most beautiful days in your life – do everything with love and peace in mind!



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