Best Destination Wedding Locations & Destination Wedding Tips

Well most people love to travel. And when your big day comes you may be one of the couples that decide to celebrate it not as a traditional wedding, but make it more luxury by traveling somewhere!

So what is destination wedding or destination elopement? Well it’s when you decide a place other than your home country to have your wedding celebration! There are so many destination wedding locations out there! If you have decided to have not so traditional wedding, but still want a celebration then keep reading because we have saved some of the best destination wedding locations you can celebrate your dream wedding!

Destination Wedding in Italy.

One of the best places for destination wedding people choose is Italy! No question why! Italy is one of the most romantic places after the France in Europe. Maybe destination wedding in Italy is for you as well! Do you like to be warm? You like architecture, good food, vineyards… Lately destination wedding in Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Rome and Venice are all we see! If you like it too then go and elope in Italy and celebrate your dream wedding there. Destination weddings in Italy is for you if you like warm climate, culture and vine ofcourse!

Destination Wedding in France.

Maybe you want to elope in France, or elope in Paris exactly? As one of the most romantic places in Europe, France is the right choice if you want your dream wedding destination to be someplace romantic! There are plenty of beautiful spots to have a destination wedding in France near the coast or in Riviera or maybe you decide on having a destination wedding in France Chateau? There is so many history and beautiful architecture around that you can feel both romantic and luxury by choosing either a vineyard, Chateau wedding or destination elopement in Paris. You can of course get totally other way and maybe go for the destination wedding in French Polynesia? The choice is yours, either way it will be romantic and beautiful!

Destination Wedding in Hawaii.

If you love beach, warm and ocean then destination wedding in Hawaii is meant for you! Did you know that Hawaii just like Iceland has a black sand beach? Hawaii may as well be one of the best places to elope, because it’s nature is beautiful! There is not only beaches, but there are also canyons, mountains and waterfalls! Maybe it has been in your list for a while, so why not elope in Hawaii?

Destination Wedding in Iceland.

One of top destination wedding locations is Iceland. And it’s because of it’s raw and untouched nature, the wilderness, black beaches, unique landscapes that make this location so unique and beautiful. If you have decided to elope in Iceland be aware that this wedding will cost you more that destination wedding somewhere in Europe. This location is for couples that want something more than a typical traditional wedding because destination weddings in Iceland are for couples looking for that wild side, icebergs, waterfalls, mountains, rocks, wild beaches – there are plenty of intimate wedding locations in Iceland that will leave you speechless and will make your wedding photography wow!

Destination Wedding in Scotland.

If you do like Iceland, then you as well will like the idea of eloping in Scotland! Our top pick is a forest wedding in Scotland, but there are more locations to see and celebrate a destination wedding! If you love that whimsical wonderland wedding theme, elope in Scotland! Nature is beautiful, there are plenty of Scotish islands to choose (790 offshore islands ) as your destination elopement location and all of them are unique and stunning! And that’s not all Scotland destination weddings has to offer, as there are beautiful landscapes on mainland as well, with beautiful lakes and mountains to climb to elope there!


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