10 Tips on Planning Your Wonderland Whimsical Wedding

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A whimsical wedding theme is perfect for anyone that loves non-traditional wedding decor ideas, bold colors and wonderland wedding type of big day!

What does whimsical mean? Let’s first define whimsical! The romantic whimsical wedding theme is for couples who love fairytale style weddings. You love bold colors, quirky details, and rustic vibes. Here are our 10 tips on planning your wonderland whimsical wedding!

1.Wedding Invitations.

We all love wedding invitations. Every one of them is unique, just like you! Pick the colors, fonts and little illustrations you love and plan your wedding decorations around them.  If you are all in for the romantic whimsical wedding theme, then you need your invitations made with the whimsy vibe as well!

2. Wedding Bouquets.

We are all about those small details and decors and flowers!!! Because flowers are one of the decors that will add extra wonderland wedding feeling to your special day! Choose big flowers, small flowers, leaves and don’t be afraid to mix them! Because in the end, the wedding bouquet doesn’t have to be perfect- it has to be yours, beautiful and bold! Check out our best finds from the florists we love to add that whimsical wedding feeling to your wedding bouquet!

3. Boutonniere For Him

Wedding boutonniere or boutineer. Boutineer can be the perfect small accent worn on the lapel of your man’s tuxedo or suit jacket. With boutonnieres you can get creative as well! For best results try to match boutineer colors or even flowers with your wedding bouquet, so you two lovebirds are matching! Some of our favourite boutonnieres:

4. Details In Your Wedding Hairstyle.

If you are totally all in being whimsy about your whimsical wedding planning, then you absolutely need some cute and romantic details in your wedding hairstyle. We are in love with these whimsical flower accents and there is no limit for creativity when creating one! They can be flower hair combs, headpieces or hair clips, the important factor is the colours and texture! If you have long hair, you can get creative making your wedding updo with flower accents or make a loose hair updo with a flower hair combs in your wedding hairstyle. Perfect opportunity to use your chosen wedding tones and add them to your beautiful wedding hairstyle.

5. Wedding Jewelry.

Women love jewellery. We do. Your wedding jewellery can be a perfect accent piece for your wedding gown. Small, large, whimsy and bold. Choose earrings, necklaces and hair accents, or vintage glam, to make the perfect loose updos or messy hair updos. We totally love these wedding jewellery ideas:

6. Wedding make-up

Girls will be girls. Some will go for that natural look, but some will get totally bold! Go with the option that you love and accentuate your best features. You can go with the bohemian makeup, or all-natural, or maybe chose some bold colours for your eyes or lips from the ones you will use in your wedding bouquet. Doesn’t matter if it’s peach-pink or burgundy red- get creative, because all that matters is that the colour suits you and your style!

7. Wedding dress

And now the most important part- whimsical wedding gown! As everything has to be wonderful, the dress has to express you and if you really are about that whimsical wedding vibe, it has to be romantic, bold and you! So when after the wedding you are watching your whimsy wedding photos you can think- wow, my wedding really was a whimsical fairytale! Do you like lace? Maybe ruffles or ruffled wedding gowns? Do you like pearls and shiny accents? You like that fairytale wedding gown look? Great! We are all in because whimsical style weddings are all about non-traditional and bold. Express yourself and let your dress be part of your story of great beginnings!

9. Wedding Venue

Is it just in your hometown, in another part of the country or maybe you have chosen to have a destination wedding somewhere in Tuscany, France or Iceland! The wedding venue has to be perfect and when planning a whimsical wedding, it’s all about the details and atmosphere. Choose to add flowers, little light details, the perfect cutlery and table details to achieve that magical vibe. Choose your venue and decorate to have your dream fairytale whimsy wedding feel! Here are our favourites on achieving the whimsy venue vibe:

10. Wedding cake

Ohh these wedding cakes! You can get whimsy about the way they are decorated and served as well, so they not only look totally delicies, but stays in your wedding photography album forever to remember! Some of our picks for whimsical wedding cake inspiration:

When it comes to planning your big day, all these wedding details are important, because when later you are watching your wedding photography album you will be happy of how everything looks- whimsical and fairytale like! They are only details, but when put together they can set the right tone and vibe for your whimsy wedding, because it’s your big day and everything, starting from your wedding flowers to a wedding venue decorations are made for you, so you can enjoy your whimsical fairytale wedding to the fullest!

Comment below what are the things and little details that you are planning or had in your big day to achieve that magic feeling and vibe for your whimsical wedding!



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  • Franca Whyte
    28/03/2020 at 16:28

    Amazing tips! I know exactly where to get my to-do list for destination weddings when the time comes! Thank you for sharing.

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