10 Amazing New Year’s Resolutions For Couples to Enrich This Year!

It’s already 2020, and like every other year we make resolutions to better our lives (for the upcoming 12 months at least). This year is no different, but the only trouble is that by March the incentive has suddenly vanished.

Making resolutions with your loved one can be a good way of getting round this! You can give each other support in sticking with your plans as the months roll on. So why not sit down together and come up with plans for the year ahead. We have 10 ideas to get you started!   

Kiss better, hug more

The best decision is a joint decision! Deciding never to leave the house without a kiss or a hug should be on the top of your list when making resolutions. It may be a really small thing, but passionate embraces go a long way. 

Good deeds for others

Do good things together… no, it’s not what you’re thinking! We mean you should try to help others in 2015. Everyone feels more generous around the holiday season, but organizations need volunteers all year round, so you and your partner can make a huge impact. It can be as little as a chat with an elderly neighbor once a week, or volunteering to walk dogs for your local animal rescue charity. All it takes is team work! 

resolutions for couples

Try to eat better

When you arrive home after a long day, it’s easy to take the easy option of sitting on the couch and shovelling down food whilst watching TV. Not only does this habit pack on the pounds, but it takes away the fun and intimacy of dinner time. Finding recipes for your favorite meals with healthy twists and preparing and sharing the food together will have you both having great fun in the kitchen.  

Judge less, compliment more

We are brilliant at finding faults in each other so it’s time we became experts in giving compliments in 2015. Even a simple compliment like, “I love seeing your smile, it brightens up my day” can not only strengthen your relationship but it can also boost your partner’s confidence. Couples that have been together a few years tend to take each other for granted. Complimenting one another is one great way to bring back that spark in your love life. 

resolutions for couples

Romantic dates

Remember when you would get all dressed up, think about the best places to go for dinner, and spontaneously go on a cinema date? Bring back your romantic side this year. Take your partner dancing, bake some nice cakes, go bowling or head to an art gallery or museum. It won’t just benefit you as a couple but when you do what you love, with the ones you love, it’s a great feeling.  

Learn to say no!

The boss has asked you to stay late for the fifth week in a row. You have been asked to go out with your friends even though your partner has an event organized. Sound familiar? These are some common problems every relationship has to contend with. Juggling your relationship with your friendships, work life and family responsibilities isn’t easy but by learning to evaluate them in order of importance you can work at having a great life balance.    

Ban technology

Ban phones, tablets and other devices for thirty minutes a day! Hold your emails, ignore the Facebook notifications beeps and go old school by having a 30 minute face to face conversation every day. Banning the distractions can really help yourself and your partner to have proper down-time. You may not think it but 30 minutes free from your phone is one of the most liberating experiences you can have!

resolutions for couples

Budget brainstorms

Decide your goals as a couple (home improvements, college for the kids, cars, vacation or retirement) and review them every three months. Open a joint bank account to manage all of the areas and deposit 90 per cent of your paycheck there. Then open individual bank accounts for the remaining 10 per cent of your pay. This is your personal money that you can spend whatever way you the want – no questions asked. 

Plan a vacation 

When your finances are organized it might be an idea to plan a holiday that you can both look forward to later in the year. It doesn’t have to be far, just a place for the two of you to escape to. How romantic! 

Do something new

Sky diving, skinny dipping, knitting, speak to each other in a new language? Break out from your status quo and take up something new and fun. You mightn’t be good at it, but you will have lots of fun finding out!  

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